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You own coffee plantation

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At night, thinking deeper about the project I tried to imagine for whom this could be an opportunity, challenge or a pleasure to join this project. I don’t want to hand pick people but they must be committed to the goals and the mission. To be a shareholder means carrying responsibility.
Instantly a lot of guys came into my mind because of the variety I’ve experienced. Even if you might be a bit spoiled you can “survive”.

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internorga 2017

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Last week I was in Hamburg and attended the INTERNORGA, one of the most important fair trades the HORECA and food-industries are keen on. In know the INTERNORGA for years now and every time I attend it I’m astonished about enterprises making high outlays to permanently win new customers. It is not only the stands on the fair trade becoming bigger and more sophisticated rather the effort enterprises invest in the search for new solutions and better services. It is obvious that their customers demands rises and rises because the consumer’s demands rises much faster.

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Coffee Harvesting

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Hi folks. I’m glad to be back and go on writing our coffee-story part 3 – the harvesting.
We already know in detail what coffee is and how coffee farming works, the next step is very close related to the farming process, it might be better to say: it is a part of it.

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Coffee farming

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Coffee seeds are planted in large beds in shaded nurseries. The seedlings must be watered and protected from the sunlight until they are robust enough to be permanently planted. The subsequent planting normally takes place during the wet or rainy season because then the soil is quite moist and the roots can grow properly.

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What is coffee

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What is coffee? You already know it? Lucky guy!
I should know as well because coffee is my job, my profession and my passion. But to be honest there exists so much information about coffee I didn’t know before. So let’s dive deep in the first part of the coffee story and let’s explore the root of coffee.

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New York Coffee Festival

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It was September 2016, some guys from the LaMacatec and Macafe team attended the legendary New York Coffee Festival. A famous event known to everybody who cares about coffee, coffee-trends and coffee-art.