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Bienvenido a mi casa mi amigo

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I intended to begin this article with that warm greeting because it perfectly describes the spirit the coffee-plantation project seeds.
We were welcomed by our interlocutors as friends, which we intentionally want to be, or better said, to become. Also we were invited into their homes, not as an act of courtesy but as a sign of sincerely meant friendship.

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My China Exploration Trip 2017

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I’m always curious about everything having a concern in the coffee business, therefore it was obvious for me to visit China once again in order to explore business opportunities and fetch inspiration. Luckily I have a German friend, living in Shanghai, who shares the same interest and helped me to organize a brief round trip through China.

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Coffee Roasting

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Coffee roasting is something special, it is a mix of intuition, science, craft, experience and passion. Therefore I like to compare coffee roasting with cooking because both are wonderful, creative activities.