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Coffee Roasting

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Coffee roasting is something special, it is a mix of intuition, science, craft, experience and passion. Therefore I like to compare coffee roasting with cooking because both are wonderful, creative activities.

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World of Coffee 2017 in Budapest

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One of the most impressing and fascinating hotspots in the heart of Europe. This year hosting the World of Coffee.
Hey, I’m Dennis some of you might know me, I’m working at Carbone Trading Company.
Do you remember my post about our “MACAFE-TEAM BIG APPLE BARISTA-TOUR” to New York where we attended the NY-Coffee festival?
You may ask where is the link to the World of coffee in Budapest? It is the post about “Stay tuned with coffee events” because once again my boss Angelo Carbone offered me to join a premium coffee event, the World of Coffee 2017 in Budapest.

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Coffee Blending

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Welcome to the next topic of our coffee story – Blending.
So far we’ve learned a lot about the different steps of producing coffee. But we’re not at the end yet. There are some more important steps to learn in order to have our coffee in the cup.
The step we’re talking about right now has a characteristic all following steps have in common: Opinion. What do I mean? Let’s recap first. Processing, farming, harvesting, grading and the knowledge about the coffee plant are fields a lot of theoretical knowledge is dominant, what means that there exist a lot scientifically proven facts you can not discuss.