World of Coffee in Amsterdam – 21-23 June 2018

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Our Review

Me and my employee Dennis visited the World of Coffee in Amsterdam. We where eager to grep new inspiration and to meet friends and business partners.

As you might know I’m an enthusiastic fair trade visitor and exhibitor because it enables you to keep in touch with the coffee world’s pros and evangelists, as well as being an active part of this emerging business.

Beside of having fun we also had a couple of dates with suppliers and clients, an event like this is not only an exhibition, it also is a forum where you meet and discuss the latest trends and developing challenges.

During our walk round the exhibition we found out what we had expected: The emerging interest in the coffee’s origin. Either baristi and consumers want to explore more about the coffee’s origin and processing. The trend is clear: Knowing where the coffee beans are from, who harvested and processed them will become key indicators for the decision to buy or not to buy.

The experienced reader of this blog might suspect a link to another project I've recently initiated: Your own coffee plantation. This project's goal is to enable the coffee farmers to earn that money they need, in order to establish an environment in which their families and especially their children can live and develop in a way that their future is a safe and happy one. This only works by cooperations with mutual respect and benefits. If you want to read more about this successful project, give this post a try.

Furthermore people tend to purchase raw coffee beans instead of roasted coffee because roasting coffee is also an upcoming trend with a revolutionary impact for the whole coffee business. I’m not a wizard but these trends are what I had supposed to become true in the near future. Read more about this in my former posts and our coffee roaster related website:

We where very pleased to have had the opportunity to take part into several cuppings. Many roasters took the chance to present their newest roasts and compositions. The growing amount of small roasting companies turns out to become a gain in terms of variety.

A must is to visit the World Barista Championship, organized by the SCA (Specialty Coffee Association). It was very impressive to watch the highly professional way how the competitors prepare the coffee specialities in such a small time frame. You can see the final ranking here: SCA-Results

All in all we took a lot of impressions and a lot of knowledge back home and are looking forward to visit the next exhibition.

If you plan to visit a coffee business related fair trade I highly like to recommend the Exhibition COTECA from October 10 - 12 2018 in Hamburg. A fair trade we join as exhibitors with our company beansandburnes.

We really would be glad to welcome you there.

Your’s Angelo

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