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The band begins to play…

I just came back from the Dominican Republic and guess: I love the plan more and more. Yes the idea grew up to a plan becoming more and more concrete.

The first days I took care of all the necessary administrative things. Prepared very well everything worked fine. At my last visit I’ve ordered a very good law firm and they did a great job by preparing all request with the result that nearly all request are sustained. Only some minor things are to handle which the law firm can do on there own.

This means the administrative homework is done and the base is prepared!

With this very good feeling I met with the owner of the plantation. He is an elderly gentlemen never really been interested in working with coffee or farming. Sad for him, good for me, or better us.

He introduced his caretaker to me who is responsible for organising the harvesting and selling of the coffee. Currently they do this good, not perfect but that’s do the situation. They are motivated and keen on new owners which seriously want to turn this great location into a successful plantation. They know my idea and are looking forward better times and the possibility to enhance their standard of living. As you know that is one of our targets as well.

We inspected the whole area and immediately it became obvious that there is a lot of work ahead. The caretaker ordered a cooperation for the picking seasons, they did their job but not more, they busted picked. The plant’s weren’t maintained very thoroughly so that the harvest yield is lower than average. Also new, young plants must be placed. A lot of work that only can be managed by motivated and engaged people and of course an investment.

During our inspection tour the caretaker showed me very proudly a tiny but overwhelming thing: The plantation has got an own water source. It is not a well, it is a clean, natural source. The water pours out of a whole in the soil. I’ve never seen this in reality and was totally exited.

The next day we inspected the surrounding locations. Although I know the Island and this region quite good my hosts showed me a lot more nice places with restaurants bars and local stores. The people were very friendly and open minded. In contrast we had dinner at a very nice hotel with high standards and I mean standards we use to call high. This area offers a great variety for spare time and well living. If you like you jump into the ocean and lie on the beach, or you explore the rural countryside and have small talks with the local people. You have the choice between fine dining or local food at the next tiny bar. This is a place you feel great.

At night, thinking deeper about the project I tried to imagine for whom this could be an opportunity, challenge or a pleasure to join this project. I don’t want to hand pick people but they must be committed to the goals and the mission. To be a shareholder means carrying responsibility.
Instantly a lot of guys came into my mind because of the variety I’ve experienced. Even if you might be a bit spoiled you can “survive”.

To be honest I’m a fan of doing work with my own hands and I love to the the results of honest work. I can imagine to help the plantation workers to place new plants, to maintain the grown up plants and even help picking the coffee beans. For me it is a great vision to have a nice beer and some barbecue at the end of a hard working day in between some nice and gentle guys.

For a shareholder it’s no duty to work like a coffee farmer but an opportunity to reload himself. Also it is no duty to be in place there to manage the farm but I can promise it gives a great feeling to touch the coffee beans and to know the next coffee you prepare is brewed from beans you’ve picked, processed, graded, roasted and grinded by yourself. If you like coffee you know that there can’t be any more fulfilling satisfaction.

Now back home I started to finish the next administrative things: Loaded with the final, signed documents from the Dominican Republic I attend several appointments with German lawyers which consult me and the project. Despite I tend to get carried away by the idea ,the plantation, the Dominican Republic and it’s people I seriously take care of reliability. That’s the reason I asked the lawyers to set up the shareholder’s contracts and the contracts and agreements with the estate seller and the authorities. I know it is very important that everything is absolutely reliable and safe.

So if you think you could commit, let me know.

As always I took some nice pictures and I hope you’ll enjoy.

Your’s Angelo


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