Eu’Vend and coffeena 2017 in Cologne

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A trade show that excited all customers!

How to make me and my business unique?

For this hot-topic question we provided answers, concepts and practicable solutions.

We have concentrated on the topic »How to make me and my business unique?« and by this picked up a question which will never loose people’s interest. This means not that we talk about “water under the bridge”. Quite contrary – This questions remains a hot-topic and answers become more complex and their implementation in practice much more sophisticated, up to becoming nearly impossible. That’s our motivation to concentrate on one answer, easy to implement with manageable invest but without lacking in uniqueness and charme.

Live coffee roasting, in my own Café!

A concept with which you meet contemporary guest’s demands. A Concept you can enhance revenue and profit with. A Concept you make yourselfes and your business unique and enables you to create your own, unique brand.

All you need to implement this concept we presented the expert audience during the Eu’Vend & coffeena 2017 in Cologne very impressively.

Each day at 11:00 | 14:00 | 16:00 we’ve performed a live roasting session and showed all the neccessary equipment you need to roast your own coffee.

We ourselfes were striked by the more than positive response paid by the audience, exclusively composed by coffee pros with long year range experience.

We proudly summed up that we really “hit the black”. It was not only our technical equipment that convinced, also our logic and comprehensible approach convinced.

Live coffee art

For inspiration purposes we had invited an internationally well known barista, who excited the audience with his oustanding skills.

Sergio Selcuk presented extraordinary creations as well as tricks being very usefull for the daily business.


More Highlights of the Eu’Vend & coffeena in Cologne

  • Pay-Apps and NFCTechnologies
  • Office Coffee Service
  • Innovative automate-products
  • and much more.

You can read the official review here Eu’Vend & trade fair review

The LaMacatec team thanks all stand-visitors. We are looking forward to receive you as visitors at our next fair trade show the next year.

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A tiny, self-made video showing our stand before the visitors came…

Our tiny video-spot…

Our set up…

It was a conscious decision not to build a “high gloss polished” stand, we aimed to show that the most important things for success are inventiveness, engagement and creativity.

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