World of Coffee 2017 in Budapest

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One of the most impressing and fascinating hotspots in the heart of Europe. This year hosting the World of Coffee.

Hey, I’m Dennis some of you might know me, I’m working at Carbone Trading Company.
Do you remember my post about our “MACAFE-TEAM BIG APPLE BARISTA-TOUR” to New York where we attended the NY-Coffee festival?

You may ask where is the link to the World of coffee in Budapest? It is the post about “Stay tuned with coffee events” because once again my boss Angelo Carbone offered me to join a premium coffee event, the World of Coffee 2017 in Budapest.

It is motivating to get the chance to visit Budapest as your company’s ambassador. The city is not only a historic sight much more it is a place where culture lives. I’m not the guy visiting churches or museums, although Budapest has plenty of them, no I’m more interested in the coffee culture and actual coffee scene. If you’ve ever been in Budapest you know what I mean, if not – hurry up. It is really amazing, the cafés and bars I saw serve coffee specialities and creations at an extrem high level. That was high valuable for my personal and our company’s portfolio of recipes and ideas.

Just as much I’ve enjoyed the World of coffee event. The highlight was the World Championship of the SCA (Specialty Coffee Association). The competition was conducted in the disciplines Brewing, Coffee in good spirits, Latte art and Cup tasting.

If you watch these guys, all highly professional, you only can admire them. But this is totally ok, that’s their profession and I’m not envious of them. If you are interested in the competition placements then follow this link.

For my pleasure many raw coffee trading companies attended the event and offered cuppings for the public, this was very instructive because they shared a lot of background knowledge and gave useful information about coffee grading, coffee processing and their effects on the different qualities.

The technical part was very interesting as well. There where many exhibitors presenting Espresso machines, coffee roaster, bags, water treatment and of course barista accessoiries, my highlight.

Once again I can resume that I’ve learned and experienced a lot, the company’s and my mission has been fulfilled successfully.

If you’ve recently joined a coffee event, a coffee related exhibition or fair trade then please feel free to write your experience in the comment. I would be appreciated to share your experiences.

In order to provide a deeper impact of my journey have a look at the pictures I took below this post, maybe you find me. And please don’t be amazed if you discover some pictures of churches – I couldn’t resist.

Have a great time

Yours Dennis

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