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I’m Angelo Carbone, CEO at Carbone Trading GmbH & Co. KG, bound to my family’s coffee-tradition by heart- a tradition with roots in the old Italien craft profession: Always to improve and enhance the aromatic characteristics and outstanding taste of the best coffee beans.
Since 1990 I continuously developed the company and optimised it for the challenges the globalisation needs. The core business is trading and distributing products of the”coffee-world”. Customers are domestics and international wholesalers and special traders.

We have our own, internationally established brands, on which our company is focused on:
MACAFE – best Italien Coffee.
LAMACATEC – modern coffee-machines, coffee-grinders and coffee-roasters.
PrePaidCoffee – the economically best solution for obtaining coffee, combined with complete provisioning.

Carbone Trading GmbH & Co. KG with more than 80 years of experience can be recognised in every single product. Me and my team are engaged day by day with the development of products and concepts our customers benefit from. Therefore I’m very often engaged by the coffee-business’s most flaunts players and internationally acting companies cooperate with us.

Reliability and sense of responsibility are attributes of our successful business, as well as our the strong involvement in charity projects. For years certain projects and foundations are supported and fostered by us. Our company’s philosophy is: …more than just coffee… coffee from our heart, this shows not only the passion for our products, but also the passion for fair business and behaving sustainably.

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