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Stay tuned, it’s so important

I know that situation: Your day to day business makes demands on you in a way that you sometimes feel like being hunted, having no time for anything. You wish days would have more than 24 hours.
Being honest, we are running in a time-trap, a pitfall which can jeopardize our business.
And now, what can we do against this?
It sounds weird but spend more time! Spent it for attending an interesting fair trade or exhibition dealing with coffee. Absorb ideas, get inspired, become fascinated by others, listen to interesting speakers. See the business trough the eyes of guys who have the same problem you have and listen to them how they manage this situation. You’ll be amazed about the mass of simple solutions and best practise hints you receive. Then go home, sit back, enjoy a nice coffee and think about your great possibilities you’ve learned about. Think about the time saving measures your colleagues use and how you can realise them in your day to day business. Remember all the great input you got and new trends you’ve detected. And last but not least, enjoy your second coffee and be glad about your experience and look forward to the next day which you’ll start in with your new newly adopted approach.
You now may think this is ridiculous or I’m mocking you!
Be sure I don’t and it is not ridiculous. I practise this for years on a regular basis, I’ve picked some fair trades and exhibitions I love. I gain so much from this approach that I once had decided to send my team-mates to events like this in order to freshen up their minds and motivate them. As a result: It works well, they regularly get inspired, motivated and new trends-sensitive. That helps me, our business and them.

So, stay tuned and enjoy your coffee and the coffee business.

For your convenience we’ve implemented a list of exhibitions and fair trades to find coffee-related events. If you’re missing an event you’re enthusiastic about, please let us know, we’ll list it here.



China (Shanghai) International Tea Expo 18 – 21 May 2017 China
100X100 Mascota 27 – 28 May 2017 Spain
World of Coffee & Tea Expo 31 May – 04 Jun 2017 Thailand



China (Guangzhou) International Coffee Industry Expo 16 – 18 Jun 2017 China
Taipei Food 21 – 24 Jun 2017 Taiwan
Coffee Fest Chicago 09 – 11 Jun 2017 USA



China BevTek 12 – 14 Jul 2017 China
Taichung International Tea & Coffee Show 21 – 24 Jul 2017 Taiwan



Hong Kong International Tea Fair 17 – 19 Aug 2017 Hong Kong
Food Ingredients & Health Ingredients South America 22 – 24 Aug 2017 Brazil



Drinktec 11 – 15 Sep 2017 Germany
Tea & Coffee World Cup Asia Exhibition & Conference 26 – 28 Sep 2017 Singapore



Vending Tea & Coffee Expo-Istanbul 16 – 19 Nov 2017 Turkey


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