Happy New Year

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Happy New Year

Only two days left… and then?
It’s NYE, a date most of us are full of hopes, new approaches and new, good, intentions for the upcoming new year.

To be honest I respect these tradition but it is not mine. I prefer to rethink my behaviour, my approaches and my way of life, in private and business affairs, as soon as I have the feeling that something goes wrong. It must not be a dramatical thing that can go wrong. No it’s more about all the small things that affect our daily life. These small things, added up, are the result of our own behaviour and are responsible for the way we feel, work and live. In my opinion it is much easier to change a small thing than a great thing and it is easier to handle a small affair as soon as it occurs, than trying to handle a big affair when it seems to be to late. Therefore I avoid to wait until NYE to formulate my new year’s intention.

What I’m doing is rethinking my plans for the upcoming year by checking my still not realized plans and my new ones. These plans are my targets. You need these targets in order to know what is wrong or right, therefore these targets are essential to decide how to change, or not to change, the small affairs. This sounds I was egoistic? I’m not because my targets always take my family and business partners into account.

I hope you, your families, colleagues and friends will be healthy and happy in 2017. These are my whishes for you and the only things that are really important.

Happy new year

Your’s Angelo

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