New York Coffee Festival

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It was September 2016, some guys from the Carbone Trading Company team attended the legendary New York Coffee Festival. A famous event known to everybody who cares about coffee, coffee-trends and coffee-art.

According to my opinion that joining coffee related events is very important to stay tuned with trends and innovation (read my article about this topic), our guys travelled to Big Apple in order to meet trendsetters and young coffee-creatives.
They seized the opportunity to discuss with high level baristi and breath the air of boundless coffee art.

They were totally inspired by the “Latte-Art-Artists” which created awesome compositions. During the festival the competition “Coffee Masters CM” took place and fascinated our guys and the audience with their newly created, incredible beverage-compositions.

The organizer’s approach was to combine coffee and arts, therefore the whole event was attended by a lot of artists like newcomer bands and painters, exhibiting their coffee-related art-works.

All in all our guys had a lot of fun, were highly impressed, grabbed many new ideas and trends and last but not least came back home and are still high motivated. Actually they’re sorting the massiv input they got and keep on thinking what we and our customers could adopt in our’s and their’s daily business.

Watch the picture gallery and enjoy.

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