The MACAFE-Team Big Apple Barista-Tour

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Hey, I’m Dennis and working at Carbone Trading Company.
Once our boss, Angelo Carbone, offered me and one of my colleagues to travel to New York in order to join the New York Coffee Festival. What a joy, I’ve never been to Big Apple before.
Of course I was aware we had to come up to some expectation Angelo had. Attending an event like the Coffee Festival in New York is a big thing and cost a lot of money. A time ago we found out that it is best practise to agree in advance what goals we have by attending an event. So we had briefing and agreed that we will join the Coffee Festival, grab new trends and innovations, investigate if there are new things which could be high valuable for our customers. Last but not least we agreed about having fun and getting in touch with real life, high professional, baristi in New York.
That were objectives we easily could commit to.
Our experiences during the festival had been incredible, read the details in the post Stay tuned with coffee-events.

Our second mission, exploring New York and the city’s barista was extremely successful. We’ve met so many cool guys, working hard, concentrated and very conscientiously. Their job is really tough, this city is so fast and agile, you cannot afford to work slow or unmotivated. The baristi we’ve got in touch with told us about their measures to optimize workflows and to enhance their products quality on a daily basis.

We really had been impressed by this high speed and never sleeping city and it was awesome to enjoy the cosy atmosphere in the Café Grumpy at the Grand Central Street, while watching the traffic and the hurrying people outside.

Now, back home and back in the company, we are eager to implement all our newly gained impressions. OK, we know that we don’t live and work in New York, but we also know that we’ve learned so much and if we’re able to realize just a lit bit of our ideas, we, our company and our customers will have great benefits.

I could go on and write a lot more stuff about our journey, but I prefer to show you our pictures. If you’re interested in more details, use the comment section and ask whatever you like, I’ll answer asap. For more information about the New York Coffee Festival visit this post New York Coffee Festival 2016

Your’s Dennis


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