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The New Normal

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My China trip

Do you remember my Post Stay Tuned with Coffee Events?

There’s another secret I’ve kept about staying tuned: Using ordinary business trips to broaden your horizon.

Just some couple of days ago I came back from a business trip I had made in Southern China. That’s what my post is about.

As you all may know from the news China is in a radical change. You can see and feel this change everywhere: in the streets, in the companies and with the people. It’s a kind of spirit filling the air with self-confidence and optimism. China and it’s people are moving away from being the mass producers towards highly specialised quality producers. They call it the new normal. I visited some factories which produce coffee machines and equipment for the coffee industry. For the last 15 years I’ve visited them very often but the changes I saw now and within the last two years are more than impressive. It was not only the technical part I was impressed by, I also was impressed by the way people handle this radical change. No matter if it was the receptionist, a barista or a factory-manager, what they all had in common was, that they all were very well-intentioned to face this challenge and to do their best to reach the goals. I’m aware that there are many people thinking different about China and their system, of course I do accept this and I know that their are dark sides as well. I don’t ignore them but I recognise that there is so much development enhancing prosperity, education and even the environment. I think they are on their way.

To sum it up: It’s easy and most of the times more comfortable to recognise negative things but it is more challenging and more important to observe an idea and the development, in combination with the way people perform it. We live and act in a global world and we are not the only ones who master this. I’ve learned a lot and can claim that I’ve broaden my horizon a bit more.

Have a look at my pictures. I’ve tried to catch some of my impressions. Please feel free to write a comment and share your thoughts.

Trip to South ChinaEntering ChinaSubway in ChinaTrip to South China-TowerThe elevator to heavenMacafe in ChinaBarista in ChinaThe Taxi guysFood marketFish at the food marketCrowded streetMacafe in Chinastreet lifeMetroTemple in ChinaTemple in ChinaHonk Kong harbourHonk Kong at night

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